Curated by Me (Nov. 2020)

Curated by Me + Curated by ARMY (7 Nov 2020)

Personal Project

Inspired by the conceptual rooms “Curated by BTS”, ahead of the release of the group’s fifth Korean-language studio album ‘BE’, posted online between 1-7 Nov, 2020. Besides the development of a personal room design, the project included 2D and 3D drawings for other fans to design their own rooms.

This was conceived as a scenario, rather than an actual room — more emphasis on representation than proper function. The overall theme is “my Garden“. It’s a place made for one, with a strong predominant colour, but soft shapes, and delicate lights. These contrasts bring the room together.

                 "And the raven, never flitting,
                 "Still is sitting, still is sitting
                 "On the pallid bust of Pallas
                      Just above my chamber door;"

Drawings for other fans to create their rooms: