About Me

    My name is Luisa Alves do Amaral Ramos, 27 years old, born on 02 March, 1995, in Brazil. I am a Master’s Student at KAIST’s School of Culture Technology and I currently reside at Daejeon, in Korea. I have also lived in the city of Leicester, UK, where I attended De Montfort University for a year (2015-2016).  I’m an Architect, and I’m pursuing further studies in Culture Technology, Fandoms and Social Networks, while studying Korean and trying not to forget my German.

     I am madly in love with Jesus and the Gospel, and with the world that my Father, the Architect of the Universe, has designed. I love adjectives and adverbs, overthinking, cooking as a coping mechanism, and crafting intricate metaphors. My taste in music is how I read and process all that surrounds me; music is the language I use to communicate with Heaven and with myself. I love punk rock, weird emo dance tunes, gentle indie folk, bright future funk, catchy city pop and loads (loads) of K-pop. You can check one of my 200+ public playlists on Spotify.

     My biggest influences as a writer are Edgar Allan Poe, Charles Baudelaire, Daniel Handler, Neil Gaiman and C.S. Lewis. My biggest aesthetic influences are Brett Hellquist, Edward Gorey, Gustave Doré and Dave McKean. My favourite book is All That Is Solid Melts Into Air by Marshall Berman, and my favourite poem is Annabel Lee by Edgar Allan Poe. I love Doctor Who and Sherlock, and my #1 comfort movie is Spirited Away, followed by Pride and Prejudice and Reservoir Dogs. My favourite song ever will always be Blackbird, but Foster the People’s Nevermind is a close second. They’re my favourite band, next to Foo Fighters and Queens of the Stone Age. I am a lover of all things SHINee and VIXX, as well as a bunch of other groups, too many to count. You can follow me on Twitter and keep up with my daily updates on life in Korea, fights with alt-right White Christianity and fandom shenanigans, as well as my random thoughts.