O que encontramos do outro lado das ondas

English version here. Anos depois de lançar Rubber Soul (1965) com os Beatles, John Lennon contou que a faixa “In My Life” foi a primeira que ele “conscientemente” escreveu a…

minha música (esquecida) favorita

Você é do tipo que gosta mais das músicas que são esquecidas no churrasco da discografia do seu artista favorito? Eu também. For an English version, click here. Eu sou…


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my Spotify Playlists

my 27th bday playlist
for silent prayer times
an introspect acoustic mix
a dramatic, slightly ethereal mix with lofi undertones
my personal selection of tunes for Japanese music newbies
a random mix I really like
a playlist based on twenty one pilot’s “Not Today” and Kid Cudi’s “Day ‘N’ Nite”
a retro playlist inspired by Tears for Fears, “Sowing the Seeds of Love”
a playlist based on two songs – “Love Forever” by Monsta X and “365” by Kang Seung Yoon
a dramatic playlist inspired by T-ARA ballads
a playlist for rainy days, inspired by “London Town” – Wings
inspired by the book “The Basic Eight”, by Daniel Handler
new alt punk picks to walk like a badass
trying to capture the sound of being young
a few of my favourite songs ever
heartbreak with an asian indie twist
magical girl k-pop