Once again, Friend’s Day.

     Para a versão em português, clique aqui.            A reasonably famous campaign defends that, in christian life, Christ is first, others are second, we are third. I agree with that – I’ve already been led to believe that I would only be fit to live in society once I could […]

When words fail

     It’s hard for me not to think about the time I’ve been abroad whenever I try to write down my feelings and ideas, because that’s basically the most important thing going on in my life. 81 days now. Trying to explain how fast it’s going is pointless and hurtful, because I’ve caught myself […]


– Are you sure you want to do this? – Oh, Harriet, stop this drama. It’s just a birthday letter. Letting me read it won’t kill us at all. – Ok, fine, I’ll let you read it, but do it out loud. And don’t forget what I’ve told you before. – What have you told […]