Single Awareness Day

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    One of the most irritating comercial celebrations must be Valentine’s Day. The “Single Awareness Day” pun fits well the situation, in which we are forced to cope with Love being in the air everywhere we go. This year, living in the UK, I had to experience Valentines Day twice in 8 months, between the brazilian 12th of June and today, the 14th of February. I believe that the short amount of time and the fact that I actually had a boyfriend last year have made me quite thoughtful.
     Thinking about everything that I’ve ever been through, from the distance of experience, has made me realise how I’ve already allowed my needs to guide me to poor life choices. Relationships with bad endings weren’t necessarily bad relationships, and every experience is an excellent opportunity for us to learn a lot about ourselves and others – but, maybe a little bit more thinking and pondering would have kept people from going forward in situations that were clearly made to step back. However, we are easily deceived by our eyes, and some situations just seem so ideal that we are not conscious enough to see the fragile base on which the love we believe to be building stands.
     It’s this same need that saddens the lonely hearts on Valentine’s Day. It’s hard not to catch yourself staring blankly at your bedroom window after scrolling through your Facebook and Instagram feeds, questioning whether Mr. and Mrs. Right will ever come to you. And that’s one serious issue, because a lot of very nice people are getting hurt in exchange of cheap gifts and late night “I love you” texts. And not only the young ones, I’m afraid.
     I’ve already heard so many speaking about the perks of being single and how important it is to enjoy this time of our lives, but most of them still don’t quite get the point of it. I believe that human beings were created to be in groups, to live in pairs, but, at the end, we are individuals, above everything else. No one else is allowed inside your head, but yourself and God. And if you never learn how to turn yourself inside out, and know yourself, and love yourself, you can’t possibly expect to do the same for others. Our collective coexistence is perfected in ourselves, more than in the midst of everyone, because good relationships are based in treating others the way we would like to be treated.
     And what would you like, anyway?

You don’t miss a thing.

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     There is a mystery behind His eyes.

     To be fair, there’s a mystery behind every pair of eyes, once we were made in His own image. How we amazingly see each other through so many different lenses, how I wish I could see myself through other people’s eyes, and how I wish I could lend my own eyes to others, for them to see as much value as I see in such simple things. 
     But the eyes of the Lord – they run back and forth throughout the whole Earth. We’re 7 billion now, but our Mighty God has seen every single person that ever walked on this planet. Every now dead being got caught in the eyes of the Father once, twice, so many times. He sees it all, praise His name. He knows it all, glorify His name. There’s nowhere to hide that His Love wouldn’t find us – for the Lord is no Big Brother watching us, but He watches over us. 
     As I lay here awaken, way past my bedtime, and wonder about who I am, I still find it amazing that the Lord has seen me, and chosen me. I can’t blame those who find it hard to believe that God loves them and has a plan for them – although plenty of milleniuns believe the world revolves around them, depression and low self-esteem are getting higher every year. The world is toxic to us – to our identities, to every single special trait of ours. Everything is taken away. I have been there – hopeless, weakened, no direction, no purpose, so many fears, so many doubts.
     But, in this crowd of seven billion, He never misses a thing. 
     To be fair, I am not much of a big deal. None of us is, we can’t do a single thing on our own. We are limited, but He does for us everything we couldn’t do. When we fall, when we don’t know, when we can’t say, when there is no other hope, He is always there, waiting for us to to cry to Him with our voices. He is the Light that burns brighter than the Sun. And I am just a tiny little thing, making my boast in the Lord. I celebrate my life, celebrate the years behind me, the years ahead of me, the year I’m living now. I celebrate the hard days, I celebrate the pain of coming and going, because He goes before me every step that I take.
     I believe that the mystery of godliness lays in how the glorified God places us safe in His arms, and has a plan for us. He speaks only the truth, and His truth sets us free – for when the world tells us we are weak, and small, and buries us under fake notions of unattainable perfection, the Lord is merciful, and His mercies are new every morning, and we rejoice in being weak, for His power is made perfect in weakness.
     Years may go by, but my heart is permanently amazed by this unstoppable Love that saved me, and saves me every day, and that I will never be deserving of. I was born for the glory of the Lord! My Father loves me. Let the whole world hear that I am loved, let all the bullies, the highest, the lowest know that I have a shield around me, a best Friend who lifts up my head and takes me by the hand when everything falls apart. There was a mystery behind His eyes, and I have solved it, as I looked into them – I am His, and He is mine.